The story of Estonia’s coast, its people and heritage

Muuseumi tee 1, Pringi, Viimsi vald, Eesti | Show on map
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The golden age of trading for the Finno-Baltic people, the heyday of coastal life, smuggling, cuisine of the coastal people, Soviet border zone,

Kirov fishing kolkhoz, coastal life today.
Programme includes

Survey of the history of Estonia’s coastal people with the museum curator

  • Visit to Viimsi Open Air Museum
  • Visit to the Museum of Coastal Folk
  • Lunch: Fish soup, Naissaare island bilberry cake and coffee

Place: Viimsi Open Air Museum and Museum of Coastal Folk (20 min from the centre of Tallinn)

Duration: 2 hours

Rooms and prices

Groups starting from 10 pax



Museum of Coastal Folk

Nurme tee 3, Pringi, Viimsi Parish, Estonia | Show on map
The Museum of Coastal Folk is situated in the ancient seaside village of Pringi in Viimsi, just a 30-minute drive from central Tallinn. Here, in a cosy old schoolhouse, the museum has found a home for itself, a place to demonstrate the harmony of land, sea and man meeting, a place to preserve the beauty of simplicity.

Visit to the historical coastal village Pringi

Muuseumi tee 1, Pringi, Viimsi vald, Eesti | Show on map
The farm complex that is more than 150 years old is located on a picturesque seacoast, with a beautiful view of Tallinn.

Private: Visit to the seaside border zone and fishing collective farm (kolkhoz)

Nurme tee 3, Pringi, Viimsi vald, Eesti | Show on map
The visit is an introduction to the one of the bleakest chapters in the lives of Estonia’s coastal people -- life in the border zone of the Soviet Empire.