Short tour to the historical Pringi coastal village

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Short visit to coastal folk every day life. Small tour will be held at museum of Costal Folk or Viimsi Open Air Museum. Only for groups.

Programme includes:

  • Viimsi Open Air Museum - tour of a typical Estonian coastal farm, with a beautiful view of the sea and the Tallinn skyline.


  • Museum of Coastal Folk – a walk through a cosy old schoolhouse, where in a half hour a brief survey is provided of the history of Estonia’s costal people, including life in a border zone and in a fishing kolkhoz.

In addition, maritime souvenirs and Estonian handicrafts from the museum shop, coffee/tea.

Place: Viimsi Open Air Museum and Museum of Coastal Folk (both 20 min from the centre of Tallinn)
Duration: 30 minutes

Rooms and prices

For groups


Viimsi festival

The story of Estonia’s coast, its people and heritage

Muuseumi tee 1, Pringi, Viimsi vald, Eesti | Show on map
The golden age of trading for the Finno-Baltic people, the heyday of coastal life, smuggling, cuisine of the coastal people, Soviet border zone,

Visit to the historical coastal village Pringi

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The farm complex that is more than 150 years old is located on a picturesque seacoast, with a beautiful view of Tallinn.

Private: Visit to the seaside border zone and fishing collective farm (kolkhoz)

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The visit is an introduction to the one of the bleakest chapters in the lives of Estonia’s coastal people -- life in the border zone of the Soviet Empire.

Museum of Coastal Folk

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The Museum of Coastal Folk is situated in the ancient seaside village of Pringi in Viimsi, just a 30-minute drive from central Tallinn. Here, in a cosy old schoolhouse, the museum has found a home for itself, a place to demonstrate the harmony of land, sea and man meeting, a place to preserve the beauty of simplicity.