Seal watching trips

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We organize seal watching trips from Kaberneeme harbour, the island of Prangli, Kelnase harbour and Kelving harbour in Viimsi

The only seal watching tour available in Northern Estonia, this exciting trip takes you to the seals' habitat near the Malusi islands. We reach these by a larger boat, departing from one of the north coast's lovely port villages Kaberneeme. To encourage the seals to come out and meet us, we use a clever lure: music! On our way to Malusi Islands, you will hear fascinating stories about life on Northern Estonian Islands.

MThe length of the trip is 2–3 hours, including 1 hour of seal watching. We use music in order to lure seals. This is a truly enjoyable way to experience nature!

Group and private tours are available from June to October every other Sunday.

Price per person 39 EUR

Rooms and prices

39 €
Child (up to 12 y)
19 €




Prangli Travel

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Prangli Island tours show you how we live on Estonian Islands. From May to September we organise one-day excursions to Prangli island - the closest inhabited island to Tallinn.