Island Naissaar

Naissaar, Viimsi Parish, Estonia | Show on map

Naissaar is the biggest island in North Estonia, located about 1o km from Tallinn. The island is 14 km long and 6 km wide. Historical sources first mentioned Naissaar in the chronicle of Adam of Bremen around 1075 under the name of Terra Feminarum. In 1279, a Danish king enacted a felling prohibition, which is considered to be one of our oldest nature protection documents.
The island is mainly covered in coniferous trees, large boulder fields and rocks left behind from the Ice Age. In 1995, a landscape protection area was established to preserve the local natural and cultural heritage and military premises. The highlights are: hiking trails, richness of natural species, narrow-gauge railway and an old train, Czar Peter the Great´s bastions, a soviet-time naval mine factory in the Baltics, nice sandy beaches. Moss covered forests are full of berries and mushrooms. The island’s flora is impressive – more than 400 vascular plant species have been found here. Surrounded by pine forests, a peculiar group of deciduous trees, the so-called Garden of Danish King, grows on the island.



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