About Viimsi

Fashionably old-fashioned. Just a 15-minute drive from downtown Tallinn.

A thousand years ago, the ancestors of today’s inhabitants of Viimsi, the ancient Rävala people, were successful merchants and daring seafarers. The peninsula was bustling with life and commerce; ships departed for distant voyages and arrived from faraway lands. A thick forest covered much of what is now Tallinn, while waves lazily lapped against the uninhabited shore. It may bring a smile to your face but, much like centuries ago, Viimsi is home to a people with an enterprising spirit whose industriousness has made Viimsi the wealthiest community in Estonia.

Tallinn has become a gateway and front door to Estonia and to Viimsi. Just a 15-minute drive from downtown Tallinn will take you to the completely different world of Viimsi peninsula. This is where land ends and the sea meets the forest. The peninsula is surrounded by romantic islets that have a stunning view of the bright lights of the capital. Picturesque fishing villages and old fishermen’s cottages stand side by side with modern dwellings of the 21st century. This is a magical place where the sun rises from the sea in the morning and sinks into it again in the evening.

Embraced by the sea.

Anyone who is thinking in images has been to Viimsi because this is the place that offers spectacular views of the Old Town of Tallinn – the very tower-filled skyline that is featured on the labels of sprat tins and is therefore known as the “sprat tin silhouette”. The sea defines the character of Viimsi. Here, embraced by the sea, coastal dwellers have lived for centuries. Their possessions and the artefacts of their lives are displayed in our museums. During the Soviet era, Viimsi was a border zone that was closed to non-residents of the peninsula. Despite that, a very successful collective fishing farm – the Kirov fishing kolkhoz – operated in the area. A real treat for military history fans is Naissaar – a small island off the coast of Viimsi – where coastal fortifications dating to the time of the Russian Empire stand alongside the ruins of military structures built by the Soviet Army. The Estonian War Museum is located in an historic Viimsi manor house and offers an exciting trip through history.


Backpackers will find fascinating nature trails that take them past erratic boulders left on the ground by the retreating ice of the last Ice Age, into virgin forests and onto rocky and sandy beaches where they can experience the clash of the titans – the sea, land and man. All the islets and the islands of Naissaar, Prangli, Aksi and Keri are accessible by boats that operate on schedule or more randomly. The schedules are published on our website. The island of Prangli has its own, special rhythm of life. The bygone wealth of Aksi and the stories of the boat builders’ families have been recorded, while only foundations of their houses remain on the island. The lighthouse on the island of Keri – one of the oldest in Europe – is still an important navigational mark.

Relaxing and invigorating experiences.

It is an unverified fact that Viimsi has the highest concentration of spas, health farms and various entertainment facilities per acre of land. Besides big centres, such as Viimsi SPA, there are dozens of small, cosy salons that cater for every taste and offer patrons the opportunity to take some time off, relax and enjoy a spot of pampering. Viimsi is also a popular health tourism destination that offers medical rehabilitation, aesthetic surgery, dental treatment and other health services.

Thrilling tastes. From gourmet restaurants to a farmers’ market.

Visitors will find restaurants that are among the best in Estonia, not simply because of their exquisite cuisine but also because of the stunning views they offer. Restaurants Noa, Paat and Villa Mary, which are located on the seashore, offer top service and unforgettable taste experiences. At Roots village restaurant, you are welcomed by friendly staff and can enjoy simple, delicious meals and the unique rustic atmosphere. In summer, you can visit the popular Rootsu beach bar on Haabneeme beach and enjoy local food at Rootsu restaurant on the island of Prangli. Jussi Beer House and Black Rose Pub offer a genuine pub atmosphere and light entertainment. Lovers of Asian food can enjoy Chinese and Japanese cuisine.


Viimsi’s farmers’ market is held each Saturday in the grounds of Viimsi Open Air museum. Vendors there offer fresh and local seasonal produce, bakery products straight from the oven, aromatic spices, fresh fish and other foodstuffs. A timeless atmosphere and the murmur of the sea make the market undoubtedly one of the most genuine farmers’ markets in Estonia.

Viimsi – a place of unforgettable experiences.

Find out which other surprises Viimsi has got to offer visitors and local people besides sailing, surfing, trips to history and nature.

Did you know that in Viimsi you can walk in the steps of Johan Laidoner, Estonian general and statesman, and Lennart Meri, the first president of post-Soviet Estonia?

Did you know that Viimsi offers the best and most exciting cinematic experience in Estonia?

Did you know that you can buy freshly caught fish if you walk down to one of the harbours at dawn?

Did you know that you can go on a seal watching trip?

Did you know that a countless number of cultural events – including plays, concerts and festivals – are held in Viimsi each year?

Did you know that local forests are excellent foraging grounds for berries and mushrooms?


In Viimsi, you will feel at home while abroad. Looking forward to seeing you!